Bintang kejora hotel lies at the middle of the street that branched from the middle of Jaksa Street. The prices of the rooms are start with Rp40.000 with no shower, till Rp100.000 with shower and air conditioner.

Front hall and the corridor don’t have an air conditioner, but in the room with higher price do has an air conditioner. Since the bathroom has no bathtub, there are no other way but using the hand shower for toilet. Because of that, this could be some trouble for the Japanese tourist. By the way, there’s no hot water too.

Then, as the aspects of many roads are, I cannot tolerate the sound of motorcycle and people voices till late at the night from the room. In the middle of ramadhan, strike at 4 o’clock in the morning, there’s announcement that the morning pray has begun from the nearest mosque, I must say that was a circumstance that bother someone sleep.
But the front officer sociability is very good. At that time there’s staff that can speak French and English, when I told him I’m a Japanese, a rare thing such as having conversation about samurai movie (from Mifune Toshiro to “Azumi”).

Although the check out time was 12 o’clock, as contrary a little bit sooner check out to front office, there are sometimes no one that stationed there. Writer decided to left a memo with words “terima kasih” at 8 o’clock in the hotel.