On the side road of Jaksa Street, moreover at the back street entrance, lies this hotel. Although the roadside is a bit dark and small, but there isn’t a smell of thieves at this street. There are children playing in the road and the house windows that open loosed, truly feels like the old part of the town. I can recall that even in Japan these scene can be seen after the war, it was memorable and strange scene.

With price of Rp80.000, the room has air conditioner, double size bed with bed sheet, blanket, and Indonesia style pillow. I was happy regarding the new soap and the towel that have been prepared for.

I have no problem with the aspect of hygiene too, the bed sheet and the pillow have been cleaned, even the plastic that cover the bed hasn’t been opened showing it still brand-new one. But the toilet is Indonesia style with no flush button, so the bad point is be filled with unpleasant smell. Then there are no washstand in the interior of bathroom and no hot water too.

Although it was a small room, I can said that it was a pleasant “losmen” (lodging)